About OPTi

Our clients use OPTi to solve specific, individual and often complex challenges.
We always take the role of project leader – depending on the nature of the project, we contact external
experts such as 3D constructors, production engineers, consultants (for example with expertise on the
market in China). Some of our partners are represented with logos below.

Jan Sønderlyng, General Manager of OPTi, will be your first contact. He will connect you with the
OPTi team best suited to find solutions for you and realize your optimization potential.

"OPTi experts come from outside
– they can ask critical questions:
Can this be done differently, smar-
ter, cheaper...?” PMC
"“OPTi’s ability to think out of
the box resulted in an optimal
solution, which no one saw
before.” Crisplant
”“Production shutdowns were reduced – and with better utiliza-
tion of capacities we could delay
investments.” Coloplast