OPTi specialists make use of networking for problem solving and as a source of inspiration for
business development. The company has an Advisory Board of experts in many fields.
General Manager Jan Sønderlyng is an active networker himself, also serving as the head of Networking
Networking in Asia for Network Denmark.

Advisory Board:

Thorkil Kastberg
Chief financial officer
Novo a/s

Tom Jensen
General Secretary
Business Forum

Jette Ditlev
Managing Director
Ditlev Consulting

Børge Korsgaard
Managing Director
Boko Foods ApS

"OPTi experts come from outside
– they can ask critical questions:
Can this be done differently, smar-
ter, cheaper...?” PMC
"“OPTi’s ability to think out of
the box resulted in an optimal
solution, which no one saw
before.” Crisplant
”“Production shutdowns were reduced – and with better utiliza-
tion of capacities we could delay
investments.” Coloplast