OPTi is specialized in structuring, manning, training and initializing technical departments

OPTi specialists have solved organizational challenges for a wide range of clients, including international business
groups. Establishing, manning and structuring new outsourcing and technical production departments. OPTi experts
deliver quick results. First of all, we secure a detailed and thorough understanding of the client’s business and secondly,
we make sure that all departments and employees in the company become involved.

You may choose to let OPTi function as your company’s international technical department, handling all or part of your
technical production, construction, development or outsourcing departments. Jan Sønderlyng, General Manager OPTi

Production Technical Department
Optimization project:
6 engineers
11 skilled workers

Result: DKK 38 mio. (USD 7.6
million EUR 5.1 million) in savings
and a three digit million sum in de-
layed investments.

Outsourcing Department
Outsourcing to Asia & Eastern Europa:
3 specialists

Result: 30 successfull outsourcing

Production Technical Function
Solution of technical challenges,
based both on internal and external

Result: DKK ;-) in savings
in two years.

"OPTi experts come from outside
– they can ask critical questions:
Can this be done differently, smar-
ter, cheaper...?” PMC
"“OPTi’s ability to think out of
the box resulted in an optimal
solution, which no one saw
before.” Crisplant
”“Production shutdowns were reduced – and with better utiliza-
tion of capacities we could delay
investments.” Coloplast