R82 hired OPTi to document, analyze and implement their outsourcing

"R82 could not grow without outsourcing, so we hired OPTi to speed up the outsourcing process on a
time-limited contract. OPTi delivered what they promised: optimized saving potential and maintenance
of the quality level. We have not dismissed a single person due to outsourcing – on the contrary,
we increased the number of our employees in Denmark during the same period”,
Palle Jensen, Supply Chain Manager, R82

R82 had underestimated the
challenge that outsourcing

Documentation was not up-to-
date and significant quality
issues were turning up.

Business case
Substantial saving potentials
can be realized through outsour-

A quality assurance and packa-
ging plan is needed.

Implemented measures reduced
cost price by 60%.

Quality assurance with random
sample control provided satis-
factory results.

"OPTi experts come from outside
– they can ask critical questions:
Can this be done differently, smar-
ter, cheaper...?” PMC
"“OPTi’s ability to think out of
the box resulted in an optimal
solution, which no one saw
before.” Crisplant
”“Production shutdowns were reduced – and with better utiliza-
tion of capacities we could delay
investments.” Coloplast