New technique saved customer from breach of contract and million losses

"A Crisplant customer was holding back money in the two-digit million range due to dissatisfaction
with the coating on a finished product. OPTi’s ability to acquaint themselves with the contract, discover
technical opportunities, involve others in the solution and think out of the box resulted in an optimal
solution, which no one saw before they were involved. OPTi specialists made it possible to satisfy the
customer’s demand, and we got back the money which had been withheld.”
Klaus Hohwü Kæstel, Factory Manager Crisplant

The contract and the customer’s
alleged non-compliance were

OPTi was precise in their

Rectify mistakes in the product

Business case
A newly calculated and deve-
loped method made it possible
to coat products after delivery.
The method was implemented
with success. As a side benefit,
OPTi devised a coating standard
for Crisplant, so the mistake will
not be repeated.

"OPTi experts come from outside
– they can ask critical questions:
Can this be done differently, smar-
ter, cheaper...?” PMC
"“OPTi’s ability to think out of
the box resulted in an optimal
solution, which no one saw
before.” Crisplant
”“Production shutdowns were reduced – and with better utiliza-
tion of capacities we could delay
investments.” Coloplast